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Reconditioned battery chargers

Arcon Equipment Inc.
20638 Krick Road
Walton Hills OH 44146
Phone: (440) 232-1422
Fax: (440) 232-8844

Arcon Equipment sells reconditioned industrial battery chargers for electric forklift batteries.

Our reconditioned chargers range from late model, retail-ready units to older, good working units that are tested, calibrated, and ready for use. Inform us of your current needs–we have a sizable inventory.

A charger that is not properly calibrated can prematurely age or even destroy a good battery. Our article
arrow Properly Choosing a Used Charger
offers valuable criteria to consider.

Each battery charger we recondition is inspected and tested by our factory certified charger technicians. The charger is thoroughly checked for proper operation, fully adjusted, and calibrated to match the manufacturer’s specifications. All components, including cable and connector, are inspected and brought up to functional and appearance standards.

When you order from us, we will match the charger to your specifications. To receive a prompt quotation, please supply us with the following information:

  1. Exact AC voltages in the charging area
  2. Whether you have 3-phase power available.
  3. Voltage and ampere hour capacity of the battery you will be charging.
  4. Amount of uninterrupted charging time available.
  5. Type of connector required (style, amp rating, and color code)

As always, we are looking to arrow buy good used industrial battery chargers for our high quality reconditioning program.

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