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New battery chargers

Arcon Equipment can help you ensure trouble free performance for your battery powered material handling equipment with the right sizeand type of industrial charger for your particular application.

Arcon recommends Applied Energy Solutions battery chargers.
Applied Energy Solutions builds high quality chargers that provide outstanding value and excellent warranty. Awarded the latest ISO 9001:2000 standard, they design and build their own electronic controls and charger transformers, giving them superior quality control. The entire line of AES chargers is UL listed. Rugged and reliable, these chargers have earned our recommendation.

When you buy a new charger from us, we’ll make sure it is expertly matched to the electric forklift battery it will be charging, as well as the type of AC power in the charging location.

When requesting a quotation, please provide the following information:

  1. Exact AC voltages in the charging area
  2. Whether you have 3–phase power available.
  3. Voltage and ampere hour capacity of the battery you will be charging.
  4. Amount of uninterrupted charging time available.
  5. Type of connector required (style, amp rating, and color code)