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New Batteries


Arcon Equipment recommends and sells Reaco Industrial electric forklift batteries. Here’s why:

At Arcon we take special care to ensure that you and your customers are satisfied with the quality of the batteries that you obtain from us. The Reaco brand that we sell stands out as the best price/performance value we have yet encountered.


A leader in the battery industry since 1923, Reaco batteries have been highly successful in extreme mining applications. When Reaco began building forklift batteries as well, we became very interested.

We know no other battery manufacturer who combines reliability and affordability in a premium battery the way that Reaco has done. We have sold the Reaco battery to customers throughout North America. Over the years, this battery design has met and exceeded everything we expected of it. We are a second generation battery sales and service company with over 35 years of battery experience, and we have found Reaco batteries to be worthy of our recommendation.

Reaco batteries are covered by the manufacturer’s full 5-year non pro–rated warranty.
Quick delivery is customary. Reaco’s 2 to 3 week delivery time is nearly twice as fast as the industry average.

For Price Quotation – please provide the following information:

  1. Battery voltage or number of cells for the battery you require.
  2. Forklift name brand and model number.
  3. Battery compartment size
  4. Whether the battery will require a lid (Yes, if there is no cover on the battery compartment)
  5. Cable length and position
  6. Connector size and color

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