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Battery Tech Articles

All Articles are written by William C. Shumay Jr. for Arcon Equipment Inc., published in the Material Handling Wholesaler.

0601: Selecting the Right Forklift Battery
0792: Buying a Used Battery Wisely
0998: The Basics of Battery Safety
0192: Secrets of Battery Identification
1295: Storing the Industrial Storage Battery
0399: Outfitting a Forklift: The "Almost New" Battery
0193: Using the Battery Hydrometer
0296: Effects of Temperature on Battery Operation
0598: Battery Exam: The First Step When Trouble Happens
0599: Battery Watering: Questions and Answers
0793: Battery Questions and Answers
0695: More Battery Charger Questions and Answers
0198: Battery Questions & Thoughtful Answers
0698: Simplifying Maintenance with a Watering System
0794: Battery Charger Control Basics
1197: Weak Points on Aging Batteries
1198: Properly Choosing a Used Charger
1091: Sizing Up a Battery Charger
0993: Battery Charging Room Strategy
0493: Proper Battery Charging
0593: The Battery Capacity Discharge Test
1192: Q&A: Battery Chargers
1093: Battery and Charger Q and A
1098: Installing Chargers Properly
1099: Battery Compartment Concerns
0997: High Temperature Warning Signs
0293: When a Battery Falls or is Tipped Over
0395: Profit from Knowledge: Battery Tests have Value
1293: The Fuel Cell: Advanced Vehicle Power
0592: Advice to First Time Electric Truck Owners
1292: Preparing an Electric Truck for Service
1092: Watering the Electric Truck Battery
0798: Tuning Up the Electric Fleet
0100: Avoiding Mistakes in Electric Fleet Operations
0893: Automatic Monitoring of the Electric Fleet
1094: How Your Battery Shop Saves You Money
0193: Breaking Through the Corporate Purchasing Barrier
0900: Customer Satisfaction with Every Electric Lift Truck Sale
1298: Forklift Sales Advice: Eliminate Battery Concerns

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